MD, Professor of Thoracic Surgery

   Alper Toker

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My field of interests are robotic surgery and  extended surgery for lung cancer, mediastinal and tracheal surgery.


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What does complex tracheobronchial surgery mean?

Trachea and bronchial surgery standards have been well established.  The margins of safety generally changes between 0.5 to 1 cm. When the safety margins exceed this level, such as a tracheal resection of 6 cm, giant tracheaosephageal fistula or a tracheaosephageal fistula involving the subglottic level,  operations may be complex.

Complex Tracheobronchial Surgery

Operations with high morbidity and mortality rates such as trachea-osephageal fistulas, aorto tracheal fistulas or pediatric pulmonary vascular sling  and sliding tracheoplasty are included in complex tracheobronchial pathologies.

Complex tracheal reconstructions

Tracheal resection and reconstruction – tracheo-innominate artery fistula –  Aortio-tracheal  fistula – Tracheaosephageal fistula treatment for complex problems -  Pulmonary artery sling and tracheal stenosis – surgery

Below you can watch a presentation video about Complex Tracheal Reconstuctions :

Resection of tracheo-bronchial tumors with  robotic surgery

Lung Cancer – surgery – trachea – bronchus – sleeve resections – robotic surgery

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